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Can I have my RV delivered to me?

Yes we offer delivery service and the cost is based on your location. Please call us to find out the exact cost of delivery for you.

Do you offer financing?

We do offer financing and monthly payments for qualified buyers.

How does Creative RV’s financing work?

Creative RV is dedicated to finding the right financing solution for you.  We provide a very broad range of financing options to ensure your needs are accommodated.   Our financing specialists will work with you to ensure a seamless application and decisioning process.

What is the difference between a Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer and a Toy Hauler?

Mostly, it has to do with the type of traveling you are planning on doing. If you are looking to have more living space, such as ‘full timing’ in your RV, the storage on a fifth wheel will most likely meet your needs. Holding tanks are normally bigger in a fifth wheel as well. Fifth wheels have huge basement type storage compartments where travel trailers normally have a smaller front pass through.

Travel trailers are usually less expensive because they offer slightly smaller living spaces. Fifth wheels use what the call a “Jaw Hitch” where a travel trailer uses a “Ball and coupler” commonly known as a bumper pull.  There are many types of travel trailers designed to be pulled by several different vehicles where you need a bed of a truck to pull a fifth wheel. Toy haulers are made up of both fifth wheels and travel trailers with an added garage for motorcycles, quads, or just for more storage. Most toy haulers also come self-contained with a generator and fuel stations.

What differentiates Creative RV from all the other RV sellers?

Finding the right RV can be confusing and frustrating, especially at huge RV lots and shows where you are shown product and are haggled into buying.  At Creative RV, we offer completely transparent pricing, a no hassle buying process, an extended 2-year warranty and roadside assistance with your RV purchase.  These services and perks are our standard.

At Creative RV, the best way we have found to help our customers is to first listen to their needs, and to arm them with knowledge on options, and to never pressure them into a commitment they are not ready to make.  Creative RV was established to make RV buying a pleasurable experience once again.

Why are there so many buses on our lot?

Creative RV is a sister company to Creative Bus Sales the nation’s largest bus dealership in the country.

How are you able to offer transparent and low pricing?

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Is RV insurance necessary?

If you have opted for financing for your RV, you will generally be required to carry full coverage.  This is because lenders typically ask for reimbursement on the loans in the event of a loss.

If you do not purchase full coverage, the lender could possibly take out an insurance policy on the vehicle and send you the bill. Lenders-purchased insurance typically comes with at much higher premiums and no liability, so taking responsibility for your investment is a wise thing to do!

What are the biggest problems RV owners face?

Even the most seasoned RVers forget about things. Unfortunately, some RV mistakes are more costly and dangerous than others. Before traveling in your RV, you should always walk around the unit and check the lights, the outside compartment doors as well as the  tow vehicle connections. Make sure your TV antennas or satellite dish is in place, and that all windows and vents are securely closed. Inside of the RV, check that all cabinets and doors are latched and that all items are properly secured. Your refrigerator should be closed properly.

It’s easiest to make a list and go through it one at a time before taking off in your RV. You can save yourself a lot of potential problems and money by thoroughly checking and rechecking every time.

Does Creative RV do RV service or warranty work?

Yes! We are a certified Forest River dealer and we can help you get any service and warranty help.

What is Creative RV's sales process?

Creative RV has worked to identify the most popular floor plans and designs based on feedback from customers like you.  When you come in to meet with us, we review these top sellers with you during the Walk Of Models.   This way, we help you make your selection while reducing the overall supply chain costs so that we can offer you the lowest price possible.  Our quick ship program then delivers your selected unit to you in a matter of days from Indiana, where our RV’s are made.